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Mezcal Madrona is a company of young Mexicans committed to the preservation and dissemination of our traditions.


We are committed to offering the highest quality mezcal on the market. Paying special attention to our inputs and production processes.


Mezcal Madrona produced in Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca, the world capital of mezcal, is a product without preservatives, handcrafted by great connoisseurs, using traditional techniques and processes, that includes the manual packaging of each bottle.


Its production is an important source of work for the Oaxacan communities, a social commitment of our company. Our mezcal is an endearing product that transmits the spirit of the earth, its ancestral power manages to connect us with our deepest roots.


Mezcal Madrona is the result of a set of elements that led us to form our company. As enthusiastic young Mexicans who love the great cultures and traditions of our country, and at the same time committed to the preservation and dissemination of these, we got to know in depth one of the products that speaks precisely of tradition and culture, Mezcal.


Mezcal is a mystical drink, with a deep spiritual value used in rituals by our ancestors. Since its origin centuries ago, its production has not changed, the same very traditional techniques and artisan processes continue to be used. This made us fall in love with the product and made us want to share it with the world. Our Mezcal is an endearing drink that transmits the spirit of the earth, its ancestral power manages to connect us with our deepest roots.


At the same time, a social commitment was generated in us, when we realized that we could offer an important source of work, granting a benefit to Oaxacan communities with great needs.

It is that of a Mezcalero

The passion for an ancestral drink, made in a totally artisanal way, with the hands and wisdom of our people, from the jima, the harvest, through the cooking in earth conical ovens where the agave pineapples are deposited for slow cooking. , where they acquire that very particular aroma and smoky flavor that only mezcal possesses, to proceed to the subsequent crushing of these already cooked pineapples, in the most ancient way, where they are deposited in a pile by means of a tahona (mill) pulled by a horse, for this and more we knew that we would obtain a product worthy of being shown to the world, and bring a small part of our culture, tradition and flavor.


But that's not all, our Mezcal tells even more history, its name: Madrona, which carries a lot of symbolism in itself, it is not a random name, it is a name thought with love, patience and that carries in itself all the passion what we feel about our product and our company.


The coincidence of the existence of a tree in two very distant points one from another within our continent, but where nature does not see discrimination, neither of color or races, nor of languages, where there is only the inexplicable beauty of life in this Land, a tree, the Madroño, which grows in Oaxaca and also in Seattle, Washington where it is called Madrona.


If we talk about that Mezcal is a mystical drink, used in great spiritual rituals, that more mysticism than shamans, traditional healers in some regions and cultures of our country, that is why Madrona also combines in his name a great tribute and recognition to their Madrona, the great María Sabina, a Mazatec healer, with great knowledge and variables of shamanism or curandism, among others. Whether in the form of spells, songs, prayers or various protocols, their rituals, their semantic nature is always present.


Our brand Mezcal Madrona has the following records:

  • Trademark Registration at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), 1643261

  • Registration of the Co-responsibility Agreement with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI)

  • Registration with COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for the protection against sanitary risks) of the Ministry of Health and Assistance SSA

  • Certification of the CRM Regulatory Council of Mezcal, CRM / 0464

  • We have the registration in the SAT Exporters Sectorial Register

  • Certification before the NOM

  • Kosher Certification


Our commitment is to satisfy our customers with 100% fine and genuine mezcals that meet strict quality standards to satisfy our end consumer, excellent care and service, punctual deliveries and fair prices.



CDMX, Mexico


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